What to Ask Before You Rent an Apartment or Home

home for rent

Choosing an apartment can be extremely time consuming and often a downright stressful process. There are many factors to consider and then you have to figure out if your really happy with the location that the apartment rests in.

If you have already started your search and it has been a couple days, you might have a problem remembering what they looked like. But before you rent apartment or home you will want to have a list of questions you will want to ask before you sign the lease and move in your new place. Chances are you probably signed a long term lease and you want to be happy with your new home.

Keep a notebook complete with all the places you plan to visit. Have a list of questions and write the corresponding answers for each. After you have completed all of your apartment tours, you will be able to compare all the answers.
If your struggling with questions to ask, think about where you have lived in the past. What was most important to you? This should help you get started.

home for rent

What Rules Are There:

Do you want to do some decorating in the interior or your place. Can you paint the walls? What about hanging up pictures in your new place? Will you be penalized for the holes in the walls left by nails? Also what repairs will you be responsible for when your lease terminates?

Terminating Your Lease Early:

Be sure and ask about leaving early. For many, losing your job, going back to school, or moving in with someone else may occur in the future. Chances are there will be some sort of termination penalty involved. Be sure an check your lease contract. It should be spelled out there.

Other important questions you may want to ask:

*How long of a drive is it from your apartment to your job.*How far are grocery stores, pharmacies.

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