Popular Myths About Copper Mugs We Hear Too Often

If you are doubtful, whether to get copper mugs or not, below we have debunked the 5 popular myths which are probably stopping you from trying out these beauties.

Unlined mugs are not safe – There has been a lot of debate over the topic of lined and unlined copper Moscow Mule Mugs. A lot of people recommend using lined mugs because they believe that unlined copper is bad for the health which is far away from the truth. Copper is an essential trace mineral which is required for various bodily functions. It is essential for the development of metabolic enzymes, production of red blood cells and a number of immunological functions within the body. To avoid copper is like inviting anemia and a number of diseases which are related to a weak immune system. To put it in simple words the trace amount of copper you receive from drinking out of an unlined copper mug will do more good to you than harm.

They are difficult to clean – People who do not own or have never used copperware before assume that it is very difficult to maintain and clean. But the reality is that copperware is surprisingly very easy to clean. There are only two things that you need to remember- never put it in the microwave or a dishwasher. The two things you need to clean it on a regular basis are a sponge and soapy water. If you have old copper mugs lying around in your house which have developed a patina and you want clean them, simply rub them with a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda on a clean cloth.

They are very expensive – Look at copper mugs as a form of investment. Copper mugs last for ages and thus are worth the price you pay for them. We spend so much money on things which won’t even last, but when it comes to spending on timeless pieces which last for our entire life and even after that. Copper mugs are a great way to add sophistication and grandeur to your kitchen.

You don’t need a copper mug to serve a Moscow mule – Something like this can be believed by only those who are not hardcore Moscow mule lovers and have no idea about its history whatsoever. Without a copper mug, a Moscow mule would be just vodka, ginger ale and lemon mixed together. It will not be a Moscow mule as one of the key ingredients which is the copper Moscow mule mug is missing. Think of it like this, if a martini is served in anything other than a martini glass, it won’t be a martini. The same goes for the Moscow Mule.

They are difficult to find – With online portals such as Copper Utensils Online which are entirely dedicated to copperware, it is very easy to get your hands on pure copper mugs from the comfort of your home. They ship all over the world and offer an amazing variety of Moscow mule mugs to choose from.

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