Learn How to Sell on Amazon

Many people are unaware that you can open your own store and sell on amazon.com. Amazon is the world’s biggest marketplace with revenues of over 88 billion dollars in 2014! In the year 2000 they began to open up its e-commerce platform to other retailers and individual sellers. Over 33% of the sales from their web site are done through 3rd party sellers.

So how to sell on Amazon, how to become a seller? Opening your own amazon seller account and listing products for sale is free. Once your product sells Amazon takes a percentage of the sale. This is one of the best benefits of selling on Amazon, because there are no upfront costs. They offer many content categories for those who are starting out, and as you build your business and become a “professional seller” you can get approved for even more. There is also Kindle publishing for those who wish to sell their own ebooks through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Selling products on Amazon can be done through one of two selling plans, either through merchant fulfillment, where you the merchant ship your own product, or through FBA. FBA stands for “Fulfilled by Amazon”. This is where you ship your items directly to one of their many warehouses, and when your item sells they ship them for you for a small fee. Many people opt for this shipping method because shipping through Amazon increases your sales potential up to 40%.

Another great thing about selling on Amazon is that you don’t have to learn how to build a web site or drive customers to your site to buy your products, and they have over 250 million customers per month coming to them! They also take care of collecting the money from your sales and will put your profits into your bank account.

The question you may be asking is how does one get started selling on Amazon. What kinds of products can I sell and where do I get them? The good news is that there are many instructional tools that can help you learn the ins and outs of selling on the world’s largest web marketplace. One of the best we’ve found is the Amazon Money Manual. The Manual reveals how you can make massive profits day after day. They take you by the hand and show you step by step how to build a business in your spare time, that will generate income week after week. The Amazon Money Manual is a complete, step by step breakdown and easy to follow instructional course that will teach you how to tap into the massive selling machine that is Amazon.com. Even if you have NO experience selling on line you can make huge profits by selling physical products on the world’s largest marketplace. Everything you need to know is included in this course. We highly recommend it!

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