Are you Keen to be part of Jazz History?

Do you want to create wonderful melodies through the saxophone that encompasses joy, sadness and melancholy? As an artist, you can convey these emotions to your audience, mesmerize them, and establish a connection with them. But before that, it’s important to learn the basics, and then move on to the more advanced level of the saxophone. Once the foundation is strong, you can play the popular saxophone tunes and add your own flavors to them through improvisation.

Playing the saxophone requires great skill. Beginners need to take care of numerous details that culminate into stand out performances. For example – learning about modes of vibration, the placement of the tone holes, false fingerings, functions of altissimo, harmonics and so on. Apart from good lessons and great teachers, your curiosity and passion can take your learning forward.

How else to weave magic with your Saxophone?

  • Saxophone techniques such as articulation, sound production and inflections
  • Learning about advanced harmony
  • Seamless improvisation technique during chord changes
  • Fluency in the jazz idioms
  • Phrasing techniques
  • Regular practice sessions in small or large ensembles.
  • Keep Listening – Keep Learning

In order to understand the nuances of playing the saxophone, follow your instructor’s guidance and go through the learning modules often. Keep in mind the areas of improvement that your instructors point out, and try to fix them during practice sessions. In addition to that, listen to the legends, develop your own style gradually and attend workshops to learn creative compositions.